Insurance fraud - faked injuries

I hit their car. They are faking injuries. I'm mad!

Insurance fraud is a big problem. This fraud is not limited to Canada or even North America. It is a worldwide issue.

A typical situation is when you are in what appears to be a minor car accident. The car you hit doesn't even have a mark on it. Now the driver and/or passengers in the vehicle say they are injured. There is a chance of injury if a person is in very poor physical condition and was turned in exactly the wrong position when the vehicle suffered a small impact. The odds that this would happen to more then one person in the vehicle are rather slim.

So if you have found yourself in this situation you could suspect fraud. Now you could confront the people in the vehicle and try to shame them into doing the "right thing". This might work. If it does then you should get something signed right away stating that there is no injury and no fault. Otherwise be sure to quickly report the claim to your insurance company.

Getting sued is going to make you even madder. It starts with a process server bringing you papers. These papers will make you out to be the worst driver the world has ever seen. The injuries that these poor people have suffered will be terrible. Everything from their losing the ability to work to making love will have been affected. Expect that you are being sued for tens of thousands of dollars.

Do not be surprised if it is almost two years since the accident when you receive your legal papers. This is done deliberately so evidence is harder to obtain and witnesses can be difficult to contact. Memories have started to blur and perhaps statements made will not be as firm.

Your insurance company is going to be prepared for a possible claim. They will record your statements and witness reports right after the accident occurs. An adjuster will interview the people from the other vehicle and determine the possibility of a follow-up claim. This is when an experienced adjuster can help to make a difference because the impressions gained now can help guide the direction of follow-up investigations.

Be prepared. You hit the vehicle. You are in the wrong. There will be something paid out. Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have set limits for minor injuries. If the claims are determined to be minor then the persons could collect between $2,500 and $7,500 each depending on which province they are in at the time of injury. If the injuries are not deemed minor then it is wide open as to what the courts will determine. A common complaint is ringing in the ears. Tymphania would be a terrible condition to live with and it is very hard to disprove.

If you do not have accident forgiveness on your car insurance then be prepared to see your premium go up on your renewal. This could last for six years. This is just one case of common fraud that happens in insurance. It does make one stop and wonder at the statement, "it doesn't hurt anybody". It just hurt you.