I need travel insurance for Cuba

On May 1, 2010, Cuba will require all travelers to possess a travel insurance policy that has been issued by an insurance entity recognized in Cuba. Not all group plans will qualify and if your group plan does not then you will need to buy extra insurance. You will have to buy it from a provider here.

At this point we do not have a list of the providers recognized by the Cuban government. You can ask the travel agent or insurance agent or broker if the travel insurance they provide is on the list of recognized providers who have a valid contract with Cuba.

Cuba's government recognizes the group plan coverage as part of extended health insurance. So with your existing provincial or territorial medical insurance card and your group plan card you could not need further travel insurance for medical needs. It is very important that you know if your group plan is a recognized provider in Cuba.

If you have this coverage then while traveling to Cuba you need to carry with you:

  • Your Provincial Health Card showing you have basic health insurance.
  • Proof of insurance - your card issued by the broker or agent which confirms travel insurance is in place.
  • Proof of a contractual relationship with a recognized provider - you will need something declaring that Cuba recognizes this particular insurer.

These three documents are sufficient to allow you into Cuba without the need of additional insurance. For the time being, TurnersTips recommend that you carry all three documents. Be careful that your documents have the effective date of coverage with a departure date and an expiry date.