Who gives expert insurance advice?

TurnersTips is a company formed to give Canadians insurance information advice. If you have a question, we want to help you find the answers. We hope to clear up misunderstandings and will always tell you the truth. We have no bias.

If you need some expert insurance advice just ask. Sometimes you don't even know what is wrong, you just don't feel good about the insurance you have.

Ask a question about life or health insurance. Are you needing an answer about travel insurance? Does car insurance have you wondering if you should be riding the bus? Can you afford to pay the insurance on your truck? Is your home properly insured? What insurance question do you have?

Insurance seems to have its own language. Our goal is to explain some of the complicated terms in insurance. Taking the mystery out of insurance gives you control.

TurnersTips is a website where you can express your opinion and discuss your insurance experiences. It is great to be able to share a positive experience. It often makes you feel better to share a negative experience with someone else. Use the Forum to get it off your chest.

TurnersTips is only to help you get some ideas to take to your agent or broker. Your agent or broker is the person with the authority to amend your policy. We are not the brokers. We are not the insurers.

We do not sell insurance.