Hulk Hogan fights for insurance

Hulk Hogan has been fighting for protection in an insurance claim.

Auto insurance policies often carry only $250,000 for injury coverage and usually have an "umbrella" that adds additional coverage. The common umbrella is for $1 million.

Hogan's son Nick was in a car crash in 2007 that left passenger John Graziano seriously injured. The insurance company, Wells Fargo Southeast, paid out $250,000 to the passenger’s family. This was the limit on the policy. Later Hogan, his wife and their son were sued by the victim’s relatives for negligence. That suit was settled out of court.

“The resulting personal injury damage to Graziano was ultimately far greater than Hogan’s policy limits of only $250,000 per injured person, and with no excess/umbrella insurance coverage, Hogan’s net worth was clearly exposed and unprotected,” the lawsuit, filed April 22, 2010 stated.

Now revised court papers filed on November 16, 2010 show that Hogan has added his ex-wife Linda Bollea as a defendant in the suit. The Hulk claims that in her work as his business manager, she was partly responsible for sorting out his insurance policy.

This claim is under the errors and omissions of a business manager that should have taken steps to better protect the financial interests of her client, Hulk Hogan (born Terry Bollea) by purchasing a more extensive insurance coverage.