Green beer anyone?

Car accidents and Erin go braugh! St. Patrick's Day is coming. So how will you celebrate?

There will be plenty of bars and lounges offering St. Patrick's Day specials. The green beer will flow and all the Irish eyes will be smiling. It is likely you are going to celebrate on your lunch hour or maybe after work.

Car accidents happen whenever there is a holiday. Why? Well-meaning and good people will over estimate their ability drive after having a few drinks and then bang, two cars meet in an intersection and everything starts to fall apart.

Best case scenario for you is that you only damage yours and the other driver's vehicle. You will lose your license for one year. Your rates will go through the roof - expect a minimum of $5,000-$6,000 per year. This will reduce a bit, $500/year or so for the next couple of years. Then your rates will drop down to maybe $2,000 year and this is all for just Public Liability and Property Damage (PLPD). A year after that you can go back to regular insurers and start to pay premiums only about 20% higher then what they were just before the car accident.

You also will pay a severe fine for driving under the influence. Your name could be published in the newspaper for this criminal code conviction. You are now going to have some trouble traveling to other countries. I hope you like cold winters because you own them for the next three years.

It could really make life difficult if you need your vehicle for your work. Perhaps you just lost your job as well as your license. It all seems a bit much for just having that one extra beer, doesn't it?

Remember, a beer is the same as a glass of wine or a shot of hard liquor. Each one will take a minimum of an hour to leave your system and it can take longer. Each person has a bit different metabolism. You cannot trust your own judgment for your ability to drive after drinking. Very few people convicted of drunk driving believe they were .08.

So enjoy your St. Patrick's Day but if you plan on drinking and driving then make sure there is a designated driver. Make sure that designated driver doesn't have "just one". Take a taxi home if necessary.

Don't find yourself in a position wishing that you could rewind your life and do something over. What if that car accident kills somebody? You will have to live with that. Better to have a few laughs and make the right plans to get home safe.

Health and long life to you,
Land without rent to you,
A child every year to you
And may you die in Ireland.