How to get paid more in a claim

You can negotiate a claim settlement. An example includes: Your vehicle is being written-off. You get a phone call from the adjuster. The adjuster advises that they will pay a certain amount to replace the vehicle. You do not have to accept this amount. If you can provide documentation to show that your vehicle will actually cost more to replace then you can attempt negotiation. Often this procedure increases the actual pay-out.

You would check the local newspapers, trading magazines, Internet Websites and call around to the dealerships. What is that model selling for? Be sure to be honest regarding the condition of the vehicle as this does affect the price.

The adjuster may have a limit to which they can pay. Perhaps there is something else they can do. An example might be that if you have had to pay for rental insurance, they may pick up all or part of the cost.

If this is a property claim, then again you would be looking for receipts and documentation to support your claim of a higher value. Also, you may have done some clean-up work and can ask that a consideration be made to reduce your deductible.

If you use an agent or broker, they may be able to assist you in this area.