How Do I Submit A Life Insurance Claim?

The life insurance company does not automatically send you a cheque if you are the beneficiary, and the insured person has died. You need to process a claim to the company. To do this, you will need either a certified copy or an original copy of the death certificate. Usually the funeral parlour will provide an ample supply of these certificates. You need some sort of identification to prove you are the beneficiary named on the policy. You complete a claim form, and submit it to the life insurance company. Often the agent or broker who administers your policy, will be able to help you with this paperwork and forwarding of documents.

If you cannot find the policy documents, you can verify if insurance is in force, by contacting the Canadian Life and Health Association. They have the means to determine if a policy is in place. It would be wise to check with the employer, credit card companies, bank and insurance broker for other policies that might be in force.