How do I winterize home irrigation system?

Thanks to our contributor, Taya Weiszhaar we offer a free checklist on getting your home irrigation system ready for winter.

You don't want to leave this too late. If you leave even a small amount of water in the system during cold weather can rupture pipes and damage your systems internal components. Be sure to check your owner's manual as well as look at these steps:

Drain method

  • Shut off the water supply and open all the manual drain valves, which are located at the end and low points of the irrigation piping. If your system has automatic drain valves,shut off the water, then activate a sprinkler station to relieve the system pressure.
  • After the main line has been drained, open the boiler drain valve or the drain cap on the stop-and-waste valve and drain the water that's left between the shut off valve and the back flow device.
  • Open the test cocks on the back flow device.
  • If the sprinklers have check valves, pull up on each sprinkler to drain them.
  • Be sure to let all the water drain out from the back flow, piping and sprinklers.
  • Close manual drain valves (this isn't necessary with automatic drain valves).

Blow-out method

  • This method generally requires a qualified licensed contractor since using an air compressor incorrectly could cause damage to your system.

If it seems too complicated, then call a professional for help.