How do I protect what is special to me?

What is an insurance special limit? You need to know about the extra wordings in your insurance policy that limits or caps the amount that will be paid out for certain items. If you have an antique that is very important to you then you might want to get it appraised so at least a duplicate could be made. You might want to list extra coverage to be sure there is enough replace this property that is so important to you.

Some of the property that could have a special limit on your policy would include:

  • Tools, books, instruments which are used in your occupation, profession or business
  • Garden type tractor, accessories and their attachments
  • Bicycle and sport equipment
  • Jewellry and fur
  • Securities, money, and bullion
  • Property of a student away from home
  • Collectible cards, manuscripts, stamps, coins, comic books
  • Watercraft including furnishings, accessories, motors, and equipment
  • Computer software
  • Spare automotive parts
  • Charges made on your credit card
  • Fire department charges
  • By-laws
  • Lock replacement
  • Grave markers
  • Debris removal
  • Home freezer and food spoilage
  • Property of a senior parent in a lodge
  • Breakage

As we have discussed in the past, there is no one answer to most insurance questions. Some of the companies will have a flat fee to increase most of these limits under a package. Others will charge a rate based on $100 or $1000 amounts. Some companies have better rates for one item over another. It is up to you to choose what you need and have a broker find the best pricing for this policy.

Sit down with your broker or agent to find out what you have. Discuss what important items you own that might fall under the special limits and options you have to give you the necessary financial protection you are seeking. Take control of your insurance.