How do I get a drivers abstract?

You will normally have to go to the registry office, produce your identification and pay for the report. If you want to designate someone else to do this for you then it is best to check what is required. You may have to have a special consent form completed or you may be able to write a short declaration and sign the document.

Employers can request that you provide a drivers abstract with your resume when applying for a job. An employer can also ask you to sign an authorization form which enables the insurance company to check your driving record.

You may find that there are certain requirements prior to your getting your abstract information. An example is B.C. now requires two pieces of identification. One piece must be your driver's licence. You need to photocopy the front and back of the two pieces of ID. This requirement only applies if it is an email or fax request. You can phone directly to 1-250-978-8300 and it takes only a couple of minutes to complete your request.

If you are moving from one province or territory to another it is a good idea to get a current drivers abstract. Ask your agent or broker about a claims and experience letter as well.


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