How can I prevent vehicle theft?

What can you do to help prevent your vehicle from being stolen? We all pay for the cost of theft, our rates go up because of these types of claims.

Did you know that a vehicle is stolen every four minutes in Canada? The insurance answer in this situation is to carry Specified Perils or Comprehensive coverage which includes theft. You will likely pay a deductible. You could lose a "claims-free discount".

Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary represent more then 50% of the theft cases in Canada, with approximately 83,000 cars being stolen each year. The rest of Canada loses 64,000 cars to theft.

GMC Sierra, Toyota RAV4, Yaris, Ford F250 and the Cadillac Escalade, are some of the most popular choices of the thieves. Be aware that they will not necessarily target the newest model. The vehicle is likely to be stripped for parts, if it is not quickly transported out of the country or sold.

Do look at your options. Fire and theft coverage can be relatively inexpensive.