Insurance answer for hotels
Statistics show that 20% of hotel fires are of incendiary or suspicious origin. Hotel fires can have extensive water and smoke damage. The nature of the hotel/motel has to be considered. If it is a historical-type of building then the reconstruction costs will be much higher then usual. Some of the items to check for include:

  • Firewalls - does the building have firewalls and are they still intact? Cable tv and telephone lines may have breached the integrity of the wall.
  • Do all the doors including guest rooms, meeting rooms, stairwells and and walkways have self-closing mechanisms?
  • Is the wiring adequate? Has there been an addition of extra computer or audiovisual systems?
  • Is there fire apparatus (extinguishers) readily available and an adequate water supply for fire department needs? What is the response time for the fire department? Is there a maintenance program for the portable fire extinguishers?
  • Is there a smoking location with adequate provision for the spent cigarettes and cigars?
  • Is there regular maintenance on the laundry room facilities?
  • Where are chemicals which might be combustible or flammable stored?