Home inspection regulation change

Effective September 2011 home inspectors will need a provincial license in Alberta. At the current time you can call yourself a home inspector and sell your services as such.

Licensing will consist of a training program with a test at the end. It is expected that the province will add training programs to augment the only approved one currently at SAIT in Calgary.

There will be a "grandfathering" of provincial license for home inspectors who already hold a professional designation from the following:

  • Certified Home Inspectors
  • Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors
  • International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

There is a conditional licensing that will be available which will give current inspectors time to meet the requirements. This conditional license is good until March 31 2013.

Insurance coverage will be required and waivers that have been used in the past to limit the liability of the home inspector will now be banned. There is also a security requirement, likely a bond, that will be needed to provide for losses incurred.

Home buyers trust that the inspection they receive on their property is of expert quality and care. It is good to see this part of the whole real estate and home inspection industry being regulated as it will give the consumer the protection that is needed when making such a large asset purchase.

Insurance policies for these home inspectors will need to be reviewed carefully to be sure that they provide the liability necessary to protect both the consumer and the home inspection business in case of a claim.