Hobby Farm

What is a hobby farm? A hobby farm is a home usually located on an acreage. You are not growing a crop or leasing land out to someone who is growing a crop. You are not ranching with a herd of cattle. You might have an outbuilding such as a barn or a quonset.

You might have one horse or a couple of pet goats but you would not have livestock such as cattle, chickens, or pigs. You would not be growing vegetables for a market garden.

Farm liability is in addition to your regular home insurance. It extends for the claims that might occur because you are selling produce, beef or having farm machinery on your land and the production of a crop. Farm rates are set differently then the rates for a home or the automobiles for the people who live in a town or a city.

Like everything else in insurance it is very important that you set up your policy correctly. Make sure that the insurance company knows about all your activities. If you do have an outbuilding then it is up to you to correctly set the value. If you fail to do so then you will not have enough money to rebuild after a loss.

Take control of your insurance. Talk to your agent or broker about what options are available to you. Do your research.