Hit & Run

A hit and run is an accident where one of the parties involved leaves the scene without identifying him/herself or fails to stop. You could be a passenger in a vehicle, the driver, a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or cyclist. It could be that it is your home that suffers the damage. An example would be a car losing control and hitting your fence and then leaving the scene.

You report the incident and sometimes the police are able to track down the driver or the vehicle but often the person remains unknown. If the person who hits you is found and has insurance coverage then your damage or injury can be addressed through his/her insurance.

If the person is not found then you will make a claim under your own insurance policy if you have physical damage coverage and you will pay the appropriate deductible. If it is your home then you could end up paying a deductible under your home insurance for the damage done.

It is important that the claim be reported to your agent or broker or directly to your insurance company. You will be required to complete a police report.