Help with car insurance questions

Car insurance - you have to buy it or you can't drive your car. There are so many people selling insurance and they all say, "I've got the best price", "we're going to save you money" and of course, "we really care about you". Who do you trust?

Information is power. Learn about insurance and what it is you really need. How do you do that? Here, at TurnersTips, we give you the answers.

Search the site with your key words in your question. If that search doesn't give you what you need then go to the Forum. An expert will give you the advice you need. Absolutely, totally free of charge. No follow up sales pitch.

If you want to start a discussion about a topic on the Forum then others will join in until an answer is resolved. If you want to share an experience, this is a good spot to get it off your chest.

There are no "stupid" insurance questions. If you don't know the answer then ask. We're here to help.