Haiti and travel insurance

What is the insurance answer about travel to Haiti after the earthquake?

Usually travel insurance medical policies cover your injury or medical claims resulting from an earthquake while outside of your home province.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has advised against all non-essential travel to Haiti following an earthquake that severely damaged Port-au-Prince and the surrounding region on January 12, 2010.

If you purchased Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption coverage then you may qualify for benefits. The qualification is based on a formal travel warning or advisory. Was this warning or advisory issued by the Canadian Government cautioning against travel to Haiti? If so, was the warning or advisory was in place between the time you purchased insurance and the time you are scheduled to depart? The final concern is that the advisory must still be in place at the time of scheduled departure.

You can check with your local broker or travel agent about the limitations of the coverage you purchased. You can also check the Canadian Government's website here.