Google and Connecticut reach settlement

The state of Connecticut and Google have reached a settlement. This issue does not have to go through the court process and whatever terms are agreed upon is done by working together.

In May of 2010 Google posted a blog which said that the Street View cars had been collection payload data but that this data was collected in error and that same data was not used in any Google products. Google also temporarily grounded the Street View fleet.

Then in December 2010 the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal demanded that Google turnover the Wi-Fi payload the Google Street View cards collected from insecure Wi-Fi networks in the state. Google refused to comply.

It was going to go to the courts to decide but here was an agreement reached between Google, the Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen and Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell.

Since Connecticut represented about 50 states in a coalition there is a strong chance that the privacy issues will be addressed for the entire group.