Does being gay affect my business insurance?

This is a question that can be difficult to pose to your agent or broker. You might be concerned that it could affect your working relationship. We are here to answer the more difficult questions.

Being gay should not affect your insurance acceptability to either your broker, agent or insurance company underwriter. You are protected by the Human Rights Commission in Canada and the United States has similar rules for the way you will be treated in your work or business dealings.

Insurance personnel are often perceived to be rather right-wing or old-fashioned. This is an industry that is subject to great changes and requires staff who can adapt to changing times no matter what their personal views. This applies from the most junior position in an agency or brokerage to a most senior position at the insurance company. If a person cannot embrace change with an open mind and principles of absolute fairness then they should not be in the insurance industry.

What about the phrase, "moral hazard". This has nothing to do with sexual orientation. A moral hazard is something that can affect the possibility of a claim occurring. An example is poor housekeeping so that when a bucket of water is spilled and not cleaned up quickly a customer in your store could slip and fall resulting in a lawsuit. Another example would be leaving cleaning fluids and rags near a heating unit such as a furnace resulting in a fire and/or explosion.

Examples of a physical hazard include failing to have a railing on a staircase, bars on back windows in a retail store or a paint booth set up in an automotive repair shop.

If you feel that you are being treated with anything less then respect due to your sexual orientation then you need to address this issue. If it is a broker or agent then you would talk to the manager at that location. If this still did not get you satisfaction then you can proceed upward in that organization or go the the insurance council of that province or territory. This would be treated as as serious offence as it goes against the ethics of a licensed insurance agent or broker.

If you cannot get the answers you need from your agent or broker then Ask us here at TurnersTips. We are here to help.