Flood waters and more rain coming

Flood creates emergency and evacuation ordered

People were asked to voluntarily leave their homes in the City of Medicine Hat, Alberta. The mid-June heavy rainfall had resulting in flooding. A state of emergency was declared in Cardston, Coaldale and Lethbridge. Cars were stranded as the Trans-Canada Highway between Medicine Hat and the Saskatchewan border was closed June 20th.

The tributaries of the South Saskatchewan River rose. More rain was expected with another 50 - 70 mm of precipitation. The town of Irvine has suffered losses from flooding to their vehicles, homes and livestock. Crops suffered.

Medicine Hat sand bagged to try and top some of the overflow. Part of the problem is that the storm drains cannot handle all the water. If your sewer line has a valve that shuts off the water then you could be okay from sewer back-up. Most older homes do not and so not only is the ground permeated with water but you could have sewer waters rising in your basement. What help are you going to get?

Insurance Help

The government will likely have to step in and help with restoration and rebuilding. Insurance is very limited for water damage. Sewer back up is covered but not flood, unless you are a commercial building tenant. Then the flood damage is covered if you bought the coverage. It usually has quite a high deductible.

If you bought even the minimal Specified Perils physical damage coverage for your vehicle then you will have flood coverage. Expect the vehicle to be written off if the water has gotten to the electrical system..

It will be up to the provincial government on whether or not there is disaster relief funding. You should contact your insurance office through your broker or agent or directly to the company. Whatever coverage is going to be available to you will need a claim to be started.

If you find yourself in a flood situation then watch for notices about drinking the water in your area. Listen for emergency broadcasts. Talk to your broker or agent to find out what help your insurance will be to you.