Is flood damage covered for my car?

Insurance help for flood and hail

If your truck or car gets caught in a flood then usually the electrical is shot. Most often these vehicles are written off by the insurance company because the damage water does to an electrical system can be horrendous.

Yes, flood is covered under Specified Perils, Comprehensive and All Perils. Check your insurance policy. Did you buy any of these? You could easily end up stranded with your vehicle needing a tow. Wouldn't it be nice to have some insurance coverage to help you out?

All Perils is the most complete physical damage you can buy - it covers collision and upset and the perils of flood, fire, theft, etc. Comprehensive includes everything except collision and upset. Specified Perils does not include collision and upset, impact with an animal and vandalism.

The most expensive is All Perils and the least expensive is Specified Perils. If you do not have this on your policy then you can add it, unless you have already had a claim. You cannot go backwards adding coverage for a claim that has already occurred. As they say, "the cow is already out of the barn". Sometimes the insurance companies will restrict adding coverage when an area has become too high a risk.

So this is a good time to get in touch with your agent or broker and find out if you have flood and hail coverage. Find out how much it is to add just Specified Perils. It is often surprisingly inexpensive. You know early summer can bring floods. Hot summer days and thunderstorms bring hail. You don't have to keep the coverage year-round. You can always drop the extra coverage later on if you wish.

Insurance advice should always be useful. Our message is that we can help you best by giving you the knowledge you need. Plan ahead and take control. You have the power to choose!