Fisher-Price Tough Trike tricycle recall

Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes Toddler Tricycles recalled

On September 30 2010 there has been another Fisher-Price children's product recalled. This time it is the toddler tricycles. It is a Joint Recall with Fisher-Price Canada, Health Canada, and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC).

This latest recall involves Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes, which are tricycles intended for children 2-5 years of age. The trikes come in a variety of models:

  • Hot Wheels Trike (model # 72633)
  • Lil' Kawasaki Trike (model # 72642)
  • Kawasaki Trike (model # 72792)
  • Kawasaki Tough Trike (model #B8775 and #N6021)
  • Boys Tough Trike (model # 72643) and Girls Tough Trike (model # 72644)
  • Barbie Free Spirit Trike (model # 72639)
  • Barbie Tough Trike (model #B8776)
  • Barbie Tough Trike Princess Ride-On (model # M5727)
  • Dora the Explorer Tough Trike (model # K6672)
  • Diego Tough Trike (model # K6673 and #V4270)
  • Thomas Tough Trike (model # T6209)

All of the recalled trikes have a disc-shaped or D-shaped pretend plastic ignition key that sticks out of the trike, about 7cm (3 inches) in front of the seat.

The trikes manufactured after June 16, 2010 are not included in this recall. The key is flattened on these trikes and have a manufacturer run number that is higher than "1670Q2". You can find the run number under the seat (in the storage compartment) below the model number.

What is the danger?

A child can strike, sit, or fall on the protruding ignition key, resulting in serious injury including genital bleeding.

At time of the recall Fisher-Price and the US CPSC have received 10 reports of incidents resulting in injury, where young girls fell on or against the key. Six of the incidents required medical attention. Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents or injuries related to the use of these trikes.

You should immediately place the trikes out of children's reach and contact Fisher-Price for instructions on receiving a free replacement key.

To get more information, consumers may contact Fisher-Price at 1-800-432-5437 between 9AM and 6PM ET Monday through Friday or visit the Fisher-Price website.

How many were sold and where?
Canada sold about 150,000 of these recalled trikes. In the United States there were approximately 7 million of the recalled trikes distributed to stores.

These recalled products were sold from January 1997 to September 2010 in Canada and in the United States. The units were manufactured in Mexico and imported by Fisher-Price Canada of Mississauga, Ontario.