Fire Hazard Commodities

Here is the fire hazard classifications for different commodities. You may have more then one type in your contents or inventory category.

  • Class 1 - non-combustible products which would be stored on combustible pallets, in paper wrappings or in corrugated cartons
  • Class II - Class I products which are in wooden boxes or crates, multiple-thickness paperboard cartons or other combustible packaging
  • Class III - Paper, natural fibre cloth, wood and certain types of plastic
  • Class IV - Class I, II or III products which have an appreciable amount of plastics in cartons with plastic packaging or in ordinary corrugated cartons.

The insurance answer
The concern of the underwriter is properly setting up the coverage is knowing the details of the operation. Articles which are subject to spoilage due to water or temperature need to be noted as well as how easily the items will burn.

There is also a consideration for the debris removal. Certain plastics and other materials require specific handling after a fire loss. With full information your broker or agent can better negotiate the price and coverage you need.