Fire Department Charges

Fire department charges are part of your property insurance. The schedule of insurance shown on the policy document will often declare a limit payable if the fire department responds to an alarm for your property.

The charges can become quite high when neighbouring departments are called in for a small-town fire. If it is a commercial building then the local fire department in that area may not be able to pump enough water to contain the blaze. Again neighbouring departments are called in to support.

Your taxes may include an assessment for covering fire department charges. They may not. The coverage provided by your town or city may be limited.

A grass fire can take many teams to contain and can be fought for a whole day. Peat moss fire can run underground and spark back up repeatedly after being initially put out.

It is best if you have unlimited fire department charges coverage. If you do have a set limit, be aware of what it is and what potential charges you might incur if you have a fire loss.