Fire Damages

The fire damages from your claim will be addressed by the insurance. If items can be cleaned or repaired then this is what will occur rather then replacement. The smoke damage that accompanies the fire may not be as easily dealt with and may require extensive restoration. The property damaged as a result of the fire will have to be listed on a notice of loss and estimated for replacement cost.

Most insurers include as part of a property loss, charges from a responding fire department. Frequently, this is paid for by your taxes and no further billing occurs, however, you should check with your broker as to what the local fire department's policy is in regards to individual charges.

Vehicle fires can be a different story regarding fire damages. Often a person is hesitant about adding physical damage coverage for an older vehicle. One reason that you might consider adding at least Specified Perils is for the cost of a fire truck.

An example of needing fire coverage is for when your older vehicle starts spraying oil on the engine. This oil bursts into flame. A passerby calls 911 and the fire department responds. The cost for this response will run from $500 - $1500. If you do not have insurance coverage under Specified Perils you will be paying for this fire damage out of your own pocket. As well, you will have the cost of repairs. Now the $250 deductible that is usual for this coverage starts to look pretty attractive.

Carefully consider the possibilities when choosing your coverage. For your property be aware of the limitations about replacement of your contents, building or home. Do your research and talk to an adviser about your particular situation.