A filing refers to a commercial auto insurance document. This paperwork provides proof of financial responsibility. It shows that you have the Public Liability and Property Damage (PLPD) and/or Cargo Insurance with at least the minimum required limits.

A filing is proof of insurance, required by various Canadian provincial, U.S. State and federal authorities confirming that the trucking company has the required amount of insurance for that jurisdiction. These filings are requirements under which permits to operate are issued and maintained.

When you are entering the United States there are rules under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) that your commercial vehicle must file a certificate of insurance with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Your insurance company will normally provide the filing paperwork that you need. This is usually done at no charge. You have to undergone a screening process to have "running rights" into that state.

For further information on how to achieve your operating authority please review the information on this website.

This is not a requirement if you are traveling to the United States on a pleasure visit. This is for the person who is transporting people or goods into the U.S. This is a commercial automotive requirement such as you would see with a road tractor such as a Peterbilt or Kenworth.