What did you give dad for Father's Day?

Father's Day 2010

Dad could get a wide array of electronics this year. Did you buy him a new Google phone or an iPad? Or did you go for something a bit more traditional such as a shirt and tie?

If you did buy him something high-end then it is a good idea to give him a copy of the jewelery appraisal or bill of sale. It might be an item that needs to be listed on the insurance policy.

Sometimes a gift can be a vehicle or a motorbike. It could be bike accessories as well. If such is the case then remember it needs to be insured before it can be driven. The accessories can be added into the value of the bike. Perhaps the gift is taking a road trip on that motorcycle.

Certain presents like cameras, phones, watches and rings can be converted to cash easily. This makes them a target of thieves. It isn't a nice thought but better to be prepared.

Mom usually is the one who takes care of things like insurance. Talk to her about adding your special gift to the policy.

If you bought him a fruit basket, a bottle of fine brandy or a nice meal then this is not an issue. The thought behind it is the most important part of any gift.