Fall protection safety tips

Construction work involves working at height. Falls are one of the leading causes of death in the work place.

Besides the worker choosing not to wear the equipment which can prove to be a deadly choice, the other areas to look at include the following:

  • Read the label! Read all the warnings and instructions on the product you are using for fall protection and question anything you do not understand.
  • Just like checking a parachute, look your equipment over for any sign of wear or tear before you put in on.
  • Get the proper training on how to use your fall protection. Do not sleep through this safety meeting as it can save your life or tender parts you wish to protect.
  • If you are responsible for providing your own equipment then be aware of any regulations whether job specific, local, provincial or federal that you must meet when making your purchase. Be careful that the system you put together has compatible components. It is usually better to buy a complete system then piece it together. Be aware that this type of purchase is usually tax deductible so buy the best you can afford.
  • Know what to do if a fellow worker is in trouble. Be ready to respond if a rescue is needed and be aware of what not to do in regards to first aid.
  • If you do suffer a fall then be sure to replace your system. The stress put on your system could weaken it to perform in a sub-standard manner and is now not up to the full protection level you should have.
  • Talk to your safety person if you have any questions. Everyone wants you to be able to perform your work efficiently and safely. Ask for the help you need and get the information necessary.

A good safety record keeps down the cost of Workers Compensation, business insurance and helps to get the job done on time. The life you save may be your own!