Facility is the high risk market for automobile insurance. This is for a type of business that would not normally be insurable in the regular markets.

Examples would include a long haul trucking risk that carries dangerous goods or livestock with little driver experience. It could be that the driver of a unit has a series of convictions that make the risk unacceptable to the underwriters at the regular markets. If a vehicle has been modified for enhanced performance, has a lift kit and over-sized tires then it could fit a Facility-type risk.

The Facility is useful for insuring a motorcycle or ATV which does not fit well into the person's current automobile policy. Often the rates for this type of insurance as no higher then the regular market.

The insurance companies have pooled resources to form the Facility to provide the necessary coverage for higher risk ventures. If you are in the Facility due to high risk then you need to be aware of the steps you need to take to get you into regular market.

Talk to your broker or your agent about your options.

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