Expecting a baby? Using a doula?

How will you deliver your baby?

You can follow the present-day methods that usually involve some form of pain killer or you can look at the option of using a doula.

A doula will use holistic methods to help a woman during delivery of her baby. A doula will not prescribe medications, offer medical advice or conduct any sort of medical tests. A doula can hold pre-natal classes and help the mom right up until after the birth of the baby and provide support during the early stage of new baby at home.

A doula provides physical and emotional support for women who are seeking a natural and non-invasive child birth. The doula will work with the mother so that she gets the information she needs to have the birth experience she wants.

A doula can and does use acupressure, massage and more natural birthing positions to assist in a woman giving birth to have little or no drugs or other form of intervention in the natural process.

If you want to use a doula then you will have to pay for it out of pocket. In Canada the doula services are not currently covered under provincial health care insurance. A doula can cost you anywhere from $600 to $1000. Doulas are sought after and if this is your choice then you should look into this well ahead of delivery time.