Excess Medical

Excess medical refers to the sudden and unexpected health problems you may experience while traveling outside your home province. If you were a visitor to Canada then this could also apply to you while you are visiting Canada. This is often referred to as Travel insurance.

There are limitations to the amounts paid and certain conditions. An important condition is that if you are intoxicated at the time of the injury then the insurance will not respond.

Another limitation is that if you are traveling to another country for a specific medical treatment this will not be covered under this insurance. It must be sudden and unexpected, not an on-going condition.

Some credit card companies offer this insurance for their cardholders. You can purchase this insurance alone or with trip interruption, trip cancellation, baggage and death while on the aircraft. You can buy the coverage from your travel agent or from an insurance broker or agent.

There are certain health conditions (HIV positive) or age restrictions (over 80 years of age) where the coverage is unavailable or limited. Be sure to be very open with the provider to ensure that the coverage is in place when it is needed.