Employment Practice Liability (EPL) is a special form of insurance that is added to an existing policy. Your business policy is for unintentional acts. If your employee makes an allegation against you it is said to be a deliberate act. Claims brought against you because of relations with volunteers or employees. This is usually a smaller monetary claim going up to approximately $30,000 but lawyer's fees are up to five times that amount. The claim can include punitive or exemplary damages. This claim made against you by one of your employees for your action(s) could be brought before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Some of the actions could include, but not be limited to the wrongful termination of an individual's employment contract; negligent evaluation of an employee; employment-related defamation; wrongful discipline of an employee; harassing or discriminating of an employee or depriving the employee of a career opportunity.

If you are an employer then you might wish to discuss this coverage with your agent or broker.

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