What about the rights of the whales?

Right Whales are one of Canada's most endangered species. A lawsuit is in progress in the United States where the environmentalists are pushing the federal agencies for higher protection for the North Atlantic Right Whale.

The lawsuit is in regards to the whale's breeding, feeding, and calving areas south of its Nova Scotia summer range. The aim is to curb oil drilling, naval exercises and other habitat disturbances in the areas off George and Florida. This is where the female whales give birth each year. The survival of these babies is critical to the continued existence of the species.

David Suzuki Foundation and other eco-advocacy groups have promoted this expansion of the whale's protected zones. The Roseway Basin is the important whale-feeding area near the Bay of Funday. The adoption stricter measures will help keep the Right Whale from becoming another extinct species.

How few Right Whales are there? The scientists expect as low as 400 are left in the world. Pollution has played a large part in decimating the species along with ship strikes and fishing net entanglements.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has made it very clear as to the devastating effects of industrial activities in our oceans. The lawsuit in Boston will weigh the risks and we can only hope the governments are paying attention to the concerns of the people.

The Canadian government will reroute an upcoming major naval exercise if the Right Whale is detected in the area.