An endorsement is a written revision attached to a policy that changes the terms of the insurance contract. This can also be called an amendment or a rider. Every time you make a change to your policy then it is endorsed. New documents are produced and sometimes premiums are revised. This additional piece of paper is not part of your original contract. Be aware that this change which cites certain terms and which, when attached to the original contract, becomes a legal part of that contract.

Automobile insurance refers to Standard Endorsement Forms (SEF) followed by a number. An examples is SEF 13D - this limits the glass coverage. Using these types of endorsements on your automobile policy is the way you can add such items such as loss of use, declare a loss payable, or waive depreciation on a new vehicle. The insurance companies can have higher limits, offer more coverage then is usual or restrict coverage. All of these items differ from the Standard Automobile Form (SAF).

What is important to you? A disappearing deductible? A guarantee that after the first accident your rates will not change? Rental vehicle insurance for when you travel? Talk to your broker or agent for what is available and at what price.

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