If you have a business and use employees then you need to consider some special aspects of insurance.

As an employer you have certain obligations to the people who work for you. Some are legislated by government, some are legal and some are ethical.

An employer who can continue paying his staff wages after a disaster has affected the business is someone who plans ahead. An employer who considers a group health plan as part of the benefits provided is considering the well being of the staff.

The hardest thing to do is find a good employee. The next hardest is to keep that employee on the job. You can use insurance products to help retain your people. You invest a lot of time and money in getting the employees "up to speed" and often it is just to watch them walk out the door to the competition.

Why does this happen? You can't control the actions of others. Sometimes it is even hard to read the next move. So you need to consider management liability for your protection from a human rights commission complaint. This will give you the legal defense costs that you will need to defend yourself in a complaint of wrongful dismissal, discrimination, etc.

Insurance help

Your agent or broker can help you determine which coverages you want to consider. It could be a group health plan with prescriptions, physiotherapy, ambulance services and other emergency medical costs. The plan could be a group spending account which is quite differently set up and can include almost any medical procedure. You may need some directors and officers insurance for fiduciary concerns in dealing with shareholders. Every business is different. Take control of your insurance.