Eating junk food causes depression

Trying to lose weight? Indulge in some trans fat junk food and then feel depressed? It is not just the guilt for falling of the diet wagon.

Research has shown that eating fatty junk food causes depression. There is a correlation between the more trans fats a person eats and the risk of being diagnosed with depression.

What food is associated with a lower risk of depression? Olive oil is the answer.

Trans fats can be found in a lot of natural foods. Examples include cheese and whole-fat milk. There can be other factors affecting the occurrence of depression such as smoking or drinking.

Cardiovascular disease is associated with inflammation. Mental illness is also associated with inflammation and inflammation occurs when people gain weight. It could be a viscous cycle of weight gain, inflammation and depression.

So, if you want to feel a bit happier kick up the olive oil and cut back on the cheese.