Earthquake Insurance

An earthquake is a natural phenomenon that results from the sudden release of stored energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves. It is deemed a single earthquake for any earthquake shocks which occur within 168 consecutive hours during the policy. This means that all would be considered together and only one deductible would apply. This coverage is not normally included in a policy and must be purchased separately.

If a geyser erupts in your backyard and it is a result of an earthquake then you likely will not have coverage unless you have purchased it as an add-on to your policy. Be aware that once there has been an incident regarding an earthquake in your area coverage will be restricted. The insurers will have the right to refuse to add new coverage if they feel the risk is too high.

The government usually steps in with emergency funding to help cover losses when something like this occurs as most people will have limited, inadequate or no coverage for earthquake.