E & O

Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance is purchased to help protect professionals, their business and reputations from assertions or accusations of negligent acts.

Society has become litigious - we are quick to allocate blame and start lawsuits. If you have purchased (E&O) insurance it will give you protection for the threats or allegations, without dependence on the accusation having merit.

E&O insurance is a valuable form of protection for the professional and for their clients. A professional who has spent many years gaining expert status has a reputation to protect.

The general public seems to have an attitude that a lawsuit can resolve any event that did not turn out as expected. With the newspapers printing stories about large lawsuits it is not uncommon to see a dissatisfied person hiring a lawyer to seek an extensive legal settlement.

This special coverage considers the potential risk of an activity, profession, or a situation. It will defend the insured person or company against any frivolous accusations of wrongdoing or negligence. This protects the assets of the company or individual.

In the case of a client who has indeed suffered damages, it ensures that there are adequate funds for compensation. This is a topic you should discuss with your agent or broker.

Yes, your agent or broker has E&O insurance to provide protection to provide financial restitution for you, the client, because of some error, negligent act, oversight, or omission by that broker or agent.