Duty Of Care

Duty of care is the obligation that you have as a person to exercise reasonable care with respect to the interests of others. This obligation includes protecting them from harm.

As a homeowner you would have a very high duty of care for the guests you invite to your home. In respect to a trespasser your duty of care is reduced to not setting traps to harm this person.

As a business person you have a very high duty of care for the customers who come to your shop or place of business. You must take all reasonable steps to protect people from harm while on your premises.

If you fail to fulfill your duty of care you will likely find yourself facing as lawsuit. The insurance answer is risk management to try and prevent or control hazards. What you cannot control or prevent needs to be determined. What you deem important you will insure to protect yourself from financial ruin as a result of the claim.

Ask your agent or broker for more information in this regard.