Drunk behind the wheel?

One out of every four students has been in "that" vehicle

Drinking and driving is still going on. If not drunk then the driver may be feeling the effects of smoking cannabis.

A recent survey by the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health found that 25% of the students had been a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver. Fully 17% said they will drive after smoking pot.

There is a new French-language campaign in Quebec called "Fini" which is targeting teenagers. The focus is to educate the young drivers that it is never okay to be mixing liquor and/or drugs with driving. The results of one in four being a willing passenger with an impaired driver is a strong warning that things need to change.

We know that one third of the people who die on Canada’s roads due to alcohol-related crashes are under the age of 25. The main cause of death for teenagers is car accidents. A full 45% of these deaths show alcohol was a factor in the car crash.

What a waste. Parents need to set a strong example of the correct behaviour. Teenagers need to be aware that they are making a choice. If you drink and drive with passengers then you threaten the lives of yourself, your friends and everyone around you. Only an idiot drinks and drives.