Drunk at .05?

Recent news stories report that the House of Commons justice committee has begun hearings on whether or not the federal government should lower the legal limit for impaired drivers. The driver would face a criminal charge when their blood-alcohol limit is .05 rather than .08.

Quebec is the only province that does not temporarily suspend your license if you are caught at 50 milligrams of alcohol to 100 millilitres of blood.

There is some proof that at .05 you have degraded driving skills. Defense lawyers argue that .08 has been established by scientists as the majority of people will not be impaired below that amount.

There is a call for some sort of standardization. For now Ontario will change the law May 1 so that if you are found to be between .05 and .08 you will lose your license for three days, the second offense will be seven days and the third time you are caught then it is 30 days.