Driving while disqualified?

It has been reported that one in every 10 drivers in Saskatchewan has a suspended license. How many are driving while disqualified?

In Saskatoon there have been more then 500 drivers caught driving while suspended so far in 2009. Inspector Brian Shalovelo of the Saskatoon police departments traffic division stated that, "So far in 2009, we have picked up 560 … people and charged them with driving while prohibited."

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has estimated that there are 65,000 drivers across Saskatchewan with suspended licenses.

The police catch these drivers due to showing poor driving habits. This is usually how they lost their license and continue to drive in the same manner. It can be something as simple as not wearing a seat belt or failing to come to a full stop at a red light.

It can be because of too many tickets or convictions that a person has lost their license combined with an inability to pay the fine. It is not necessarily as a result of drinking and driving.

It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 disqualified drivers in Saskatoon.

Ontario statistics say that one out of every six drivers who is suspended is behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The insurance answer in "fault insurance" provinces is to have adequate SEF 44 (family protection endorsement) insurance and carry collision coverage. The insurance company will help to represent your interests in a claims situation. You can help lessen the possibility of a collision by using defensive driving skills.