Driver wanted scam

Watch out for a scam making its way around local newspapers. It starts with a help wanted ad for "driver wanted".

The actual correspondence that has been received for people responding to this ad is as shown below:

"Thanks for your email, I am glad to hear from you and I really sorry for my late reply. My name is Collins Maxwell, I am into Art Work business like buying and selling of art works, import and selling of local art designs and organizing art work exhibition. My family and I are currently living in London, UK and we will be coming to settle down in Thompson Manitoba soon. Myself and my family would be in Manitoba by 10th of February 2011. I have a wife and three (3) kids namely: Lisa, David and Chris.

About the driver Position. I only need you to drive my kids to school and drive them back home, I have only 3 kids and you will be driving only 2 of them from home to school and from school back to the house. We are a catholic family and do put God first in everything we do, we are a non-smoking and non drinking responsible family. If you are interested Kindly indicate interest by carefully sending the following details:

*Full Name
*Home Address (not P.o.Box)
*Phone Number
*Valid Email address
*Driving experience
*Drivers License

I have 2 cars, so you will be driving them to school with my Toyota Camry 2008 model car. I will be paying you $550 per week, getting paid at the end of every week [every friday evening] and i am hoping that you will make yourself available to drive my kids immediately we arrive Manitoba on the 10th of February 2011. However, i want you to know that i will be sending you a security payment of $200 before i arrive Canada.

The secure payment is for assuring you, that you got the job already and that you should make yourself available to drive my children, as soon as we arrive Manitoba on the 10th of February 2011.

Kindly get back to me with a written statement as well as above details that you understood all of my messages, so that the necessary arrangement will be made and if you are okay with the offer, the security payment of $200 can be sent to your physical address.

Click on the link below to view my family pictures:

Collins Maxwell."

If you respond to an ad in your newspaper and get a similar response then be aware that this is likely fraud. You should notify your local authorities and do not give out any personal information. You could be setting yourself up for Identity Theft.

On the bright side of things, most of the insurance companies now include Identity Theft in their home policies. Check with your broker or agent about whether or not you have this useful coverage.