Driver Training Sites Available on the Internet

There are a number of driver training sites available on the Internet.

The newest one is Road Safety First which has been posted by TD Insurance.

Another one that has been around for awhile is the AMA Road Reports Website which offers drivers information on the road conditions in specified areas.

Transport Canada has been providing information on improving road safety skills through Canada Transport Road Safety.

Understand that you will be tested for knowledge and understanding for any provincial licensing requirements. Some of the areas that will be studied and questioned will include:

  • City and country driving. What are the differences between speed limits? Are there differences for the limits on playground zones, school zones? How do accidents happen in the city? What happens when you are driving in the city - what should you be aware of?
  • Basic safety. Vehicle check and seat belt wear. Discussion of rules of the road and right of way. Examples of turns. Where do you stop? When do you pass? What do the dividing lines mean? What do the signs mean? How do you respond?
  • What happens if you do get tickets. What is the law regarding impaired driving? How many tickets are you allowed?
  • Insurance needs - what you need and what the insurance will do for you.
  • How do you park? Where do you park? How do you handle an emergency?
  • Defensive driving techniques - a whole course can be spent just on this aspect.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) had the D.U.M.B. (Distractions Undermining Motorist Behaviour) Struck Tour traveling across Canada and demonstrating in a hands-on method how distractions affect driving.

Check these out - perhaps this will help you reduce accident frequency and keep your insurance costs down!