Do you drive your children to school?

Dropping off children at school

There are certain "do nots" that include:

  • Stop in an area marked "no stopping"
  • Stop in an area marked "no parking"
  • Stop in the middle of the road
  • Stop near a crosswalk where child has to cross in front of your vehicle. Your vehicle is blocking other's vision of that child.

Some "do's" include:

  • The child should exit the vehicle on the curb side, try for on the same side of the street as the school
  • Turn off your vehicle's engine if you are stopped at a designated drop-off zone. Idling produces fumes which can obscure other driver's vision and puts the safety of the young children at risk.
  • Plan your morning - know how long it takes to get out that door. Children love consistency. Start the day without stress.