Does your boss appreciate you?

How are you feeling about your job?:

The fall of 2010 has come and with it a feeling of distress from the workers of Canada. What is it that has brought this about? Of course, part of it has to be the effect that the economic downswing played on the business community with cutbacks.

A recent survey by Desjardins Financial determined what is causing the stress. The top causes of stress are:

  • 30% - not enough pay for the job
  • 27% - too much work for the job
  • 22% - a lack of recognition for the job done
  • 22% - workplace is not a pleasant place to be
  • 14% - work/life is out of balance

It is interesting that while Canadians have taken steps towards health and financial fitness there is also a movement towards managing their work-related stress.

Some of the steps people are taking to improve this stress include:

  • Relax personal expectations for excellence and perfection at work
  • Develop new working styles
  • Become more realistic about urgent deadlines
  • Personal lifestyle changes including getting more rest

Further questioning of the respondents found out the following results:

  • 74% employees are passionate about their work
  • 75% liked their co-workers
  • 76% satisfied with their jobs

In 2009 there was an 88% response by employers surveyed who said that they supported their employee's work-balance fairly or even very well. Yet when the employees were asked this fall, the responses were:

  • 68% feel their employer does not help them manage their stress at work
  • 36% feel that employers need to provide better recognition
  • 19% want better work tools
  • 31% want improved work environment
  • 26% want better working conditions overall

What has become obvious is that employers and employees do not see this issue from the same viewpoint. It has been suggested that teamwork and communication are the answer.

Employees appear to be working harder for less under less than ideal conditions. To do this and feel unappreciated is salt into a wound. Management needs to be aware and to take steps to change this situation. To not focus on this problem will increase the stress leave health insurance claims for disability and reduce employee retention. Training costs for new employees takes a lot of spending money out of the budget.