Does a bear eat honey?

Bears are eating honey in Saskatchewan

There will be compensation to bee producers for damage caused by bears. Compensation will come from the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. This is administered by the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation. The payment will be available for bear damage to bee hives and huts, loss of honey bees and leaf cutter bee larvae and loss of production.

It is estimated that the program annual cost will be $200,000. This is to help the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association replace more then just the lost equipment.

Insurance answer

This program also provides compensation on all seeded commercial crops, market gardens, stacked hay, bales, silage, tree nurseries and sod farms for damage caused by white-tailed deer, antelope, mule deer, bison, elk, bears, moose, ducks, geese and sandhill cranes that have not been held in captivity.

Beginning in 2009, the producers will receive 100% compensation for wildlife damage for any claim of $150 and over. The federal and provincial governments cost share the first 80% with the provincial government contributing the 20%. A producer does not need a crop insurance policy in order to receive compensation. There are no premiums to be paid by the producers for this program.