Do you rebuild the church?

If a building burns, then the consideration has to be made, do we rebuild? What is happening in Canada and particularly in Quebec, is that quite often a church will not be rebuilt after a total loss. .

If the church has had a history of declining support, then perhaps rebuilding is not practical. One has to consider if the congregation could be served by another church, that might be close enough to have their numbers increased.

If you do decide to rebuild, then consideration should be given to using the church as more then a place to attend services. Planning ahead to allow for community activities such as socials, will help to keep the church financially stable and draw people into the building.

The insurance answer is that the building needs to be adequately insured, as there can be a co-insurance penalty. The contents need to be inventoried, and some items might have high values due to their unique qualities.

Once a claim has occurred, then the church authorities will decide how and what to rebuild. The church can work with the adjuster, appraiser and the insurance company, to reach the best conclusion for the individual situation.