Do you read while you drive?

There's a bad driver in Ontario who likes to read books while he drives. This is not a joke.

On October 27 2010 the Ontario Provincial Police got a phone call from a concerned motorist about a dangerously distracted driver. This driver was on one of Canada's busiest highways, Highway 401 near Chatham-Kent.

The Pontiac G5 was send driving down the 401 with the interior light on and the driver reading a book while the vehicle straddled the centre line.

The police charged the 24 year-old with careless driving. This is an automatic surcharge on your automobile insurance and carries a hefty fine.

Ontario started enforcing the ban for use of cell phones and other hand held devices effective January 1 2010 to reduce distracted driving. Reading a book or a newspaper while you are driving your vehicle is obviously reckless and endangers other motorists.