Do you have a GPS?

Do you have a GPS in your car, truck or tractor? How much is it worth?

If your GPS is an add-on and is permanently attached or a part of your vehicle or tractor then you need to consider insurance. The value of the unit needs to be reported to your agent or broker and it is then noted by the insurance company. If your vehicle or tractor is stolen, in a car crash, or catches on fire then it is added into the price.

If your GPS is a portable unit that you take out of the vehicle or tractor then it becomes part of the contents of the unit. If there is a break in, theft, or fire then you will need to claim this under your home, farm or tenant insurance.

Take control of your insurance. Make sure that you talk to your agent or broker about changes. Ask questions and get satisfactory answers. If you need more help or advice then feel free to Ask TurnersTips.